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0 Degree Business Architecture™ (ZBA™) is a discipline that provides the structural order of how an organization produces value for its customers.  The tools and templates are easy to understand and can be employed quickly.  As with other core lean disciplines, it is easy to understand, but hard to do!   The lean transformation is an event or destination, it is a journey of continuous improvement. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

TargetsUtilizing the ZBA™ process, Business Leaders and managers will be expected to:

  • Learn and teach the ZBA management system
  • Identify Company Critical Needs & Set Strategies
  • Establish plans to “move the needles”
  • Make initiatives and status of critical initatives visible
  • Establish and push down accountability within your organization
  • Establish effective check and adjust procedures

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0 Degree Consulting specializes in integrating operating excellence (lean & six sigma) into organizational cultures
.   Steve Gran and Brian Cain bring their years of practical experience to organizations looking to begin or continue their operating excellence journey.  Focused on execution and sustainability, 0 Degree Consulting has developed and implemented ZBA systems and tools to enable organizations to create breakthrough outcomes. By balancing people, process and information systems and creating an environment in which people think differently, organizations can constantly navigate and grow.


Architectural BusinessBusiness ArchitectureSystem Architecture

0 Degree Business Architecture connects and holds people, process, and information together to produce value. The management system does not create value by itself, however it protects and ensures that value can be, and is, produced. The Architecture Management System is a defined methodology of Plan – Do – Check – Adjust (PDCA) that prevents other systems from inevitably deteriorating over time. 

ZBA Systems standardize work for leaders.